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Post your text-based postsecrets here.

If you prefer your postsecrets to be text, then here is the place for them. Sometimes words are all you need.

postsecret images here
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Post your image postsecrets here.

Traditional postsecrets are secrets scrawled across postcards and pictures. You can use MS Paint, photoshop, or a site like roflbot to create your postsecret images.

Unfortunately, livejournal doesn't allow anonymous comments to show images. To circumvent this, post links to your images here, and at the end of the week (or a shorter time period if needed), I will do an image round up and show off all of them in one big post. Sites like tinypic host images, and is.gd and bit.ly work as link shorteners for additional anonymity if necessary.

postsecret texts here

Is there something you want to say?

Is there something your characters want to say?

Say it here.


Hello and welcome to the brand new postsecret community for those involved in Doctor Who and Torchwood roleplays on twitter. I created this community for anyone and everyone involved in all the roleplays to use. You can find me here, or here, if you have any problems or questions.

You can post anonymously; you don't have to join. All I ask is that your secrets relate to the roleplay. You can post your secrets in picture or text form.

For inspiration, interest, or a further understand of the idea of postsecrets, here is the original postsecret site.


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